Springfield, Mass. Rock and Fossil Show, August 2002
An exclusive photo report by Paleozoic.org special correspondent

Each August, Springfield, Massachussets hosts the biggest rock and fossil show on America's East Coast. 2002 saw a good turn out of vendors and customers. Fossils from around the world were available, including specimens from Russia, Madagascar, France, China, England, Argentina, and many parts of the USA. Material of all types was on offer, ranging from inexpensive Perisphinctes ammonites from Madagascar (sold by the pound), to a superb Sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensisgen reptile from Liaoning Province, China.

Show dates this year were Friday August 9, through Sunday August 11, with the largest turnout of customers on the last day.

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Eurypterus remipes
Madagascar ammonites
Mammoth teeth
Ammonite colony
Dinosaur egg
Show floor
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