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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of interesting paleontology sites on the web: commercial, educational, reference resources, online publications, virtual museums and more. A fossil enthusiast could spend a year visiting all of them.

So, rather than attempt to compile a complete list of every one of those sites (a mission which would be both futile and tiring), we have selected a modest number of outstanding websites which — because of their content or design, or both — we find particularly useful and enjoyable.


Science, Reference and Educational Resources  provides daily geology news items by RSS feed, and is of the top online resources for all things geologic including maps, reference material, articles, guides, satellite images and more. A wealth of information and highly recommended.

AAPS    The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, "a professional association of fossil and mineral collectors and preparators for the purpose of promoting ethical collecting practices and cooperative liaisons . . ." A fine organization that does its best to preserve your right to collect fossils. We are proud to be members. If you visit just one paleo website, it should be this one!

Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows The insider's guide to the world's biggest and best rock, fossil, gem and meteorite show, with exclusive dining, nightlife, shopping and vendor guides

Meteorite Blog Science author, columnist, television personality and meteorite hunter Geoffrey Notkin shares photographs, anecdotes, and adventure tales as he travels the world in search of space rocks

Fossil Collections of the World    Detailed information about the geologic time scale, with characteristics of each era; classic fossil sites; important paleontologists in history, and much more. An outstanding and extensive resource.

Fossils, Rocks, and Time    Presented by the U.S. Geological Survey, this is a complete online edition of the book by Lucy E. Edwards and John Pojeta Jr. It is a superior educational site for younger readers, and helps to put geologic time in perspective. Their illustrated geologic time scale is beautiful (look closely). Other features: explanation and origin of geologic terms; discussions about evolution and the Law of Fossil Succession; diagrams, charts, and photographs; numeric versus relative time scale, and much more. Many adults will find this excellent site useful too. Highly recommended.

Jensan Scientifics   A fine company which produces a wide range of educational science products for teachers, focusing on Earth sciences and astronomy. Their site also features an excellent collection of science links. A highly recommended resource for educators.

Discovering Fossils
Excellent UK site with detailed guides to fossil locations, paleontology resources,
fossil shops, fossil identifications, maps, lots of good paleo photographs

Commercial: Fossils, Meteorites, Rocks and Minerals for Sale

Lang's Fossils    The commercial site owned by veteran collector Allan Langheinrich, with a fossil gallery section, and extensive information about his private quarry, which is the world's foremost eurypterid locality.

R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites   Established in 1971, one of the world's oldest and best meteorite businesses, also online meteorite museum

Campo Meteorites  Specializing in affordable Campo del Cielo iron meteorites for sale

Meteorites for Sale specializes in quality iron meteorites for sale, beautiful meteorite photography, rare meteorite books, expeditions and science writing.

Meteorite Auction: A comprehensive guide to buying meteorites at auction

Imagine Opal
Useful and comprehensive resource about opals, as well as opal rough, ammolite, copal, and other material for sale

Cooloola Rocks and Minerals
Home of fine Australian and worldwide rocks, minerals, crystals, gemstones and fossils

Escalante Rock Shop
Rock, Mineral and Fossil shop located in the Grand Staircase National Monument

Molee's Nature Store
Educational nature collections

Expeditions, Adventures, Educational Paleo Digs

The Meteorite Hunters Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold star in a
series of documentaries about meteorite hunting

Meteorite Adventures  Authentic meteorite expeditions guided by world famous meteorite hunters Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin. As seen on TV in Cash & Treasures and Wired Science (PBS)  The Paleoworld Research Foundation (PWRF), bringing "the science of dinosaur paleontology to all ages." The PWRF conducts hands-on dinosaur expeditions, open to all ages. Join "Paleo Joe" and his research team on digs in Montana's Hell Creek Formation.

Guides to Fossil Localities

Jurassic Cliffs   Graeme Caselton's superb guide to the famous Jurassic exposures in and around Charmouth, and Lyme Regis in Dorset, England. Maps, charts, photographs, and bibliography. An outstanding reference and educational site.

Oceans of Kansas   Mike Everhart's excellent site, dedicated to the marine fossils of America's long-vanished interior western sea   Barry Sutton's thorough site documenting years of work collecting Pennsylvanian fossils from the Altamont Formation in Missouri


Reference: Fossil types and Species

Dinofish   Well designed site dedicated to the enigmatic coelacanth. News, history, conservation . . . even a nice T-shirt for sale at the coelashop!

Digital Dinosaur   The Smithsonian's virtual triceratops project

The Life and Times of Long Dead Sharks's very attractive site provides a wealth of information about fossil sharks. My, what sharp teeth you have!

Cretaceous   Keith Minor's excellent guide to all things Cretaceous with maps, diagrams, photos, stratigraphy, and more


Field Trip and Expedition Reports

Stromatolites of the Grand Canyon   A detailed and enjoyable account of a hike into the Grand Canyon to examine stromatolites in the Hakatai Shale. Maps, photographs, diagrams.

NJPS West 2001   The New Jersey Paleontological Society's 4,200 mile cross-country expedition to Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota in words and pictures, and including a behind-the-scenes tour of the world-famous Black Hills Institute

Universities, Institutions, and Museums

The Black Hills Institute    A very attractive site created by the eminent dinosaur hunters — discoverers of Tyrannosaurus Sue, and now the home of tyrannosaurs Stan, Duffy, and Cope. In our opinion, The Black Hills Institute ranks as one of the world's best small museums, and probably boasts more dinosaurs and invertebrates per square foot than any other institution on the planet! It's worth a visit to South Dakota just to see this museum.

University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology   Online museum with a searchable index of their collection.

Expo Hakel
Fossil fish museum in Lebanon, with a great collection of photographs



Fossil News   A monthly magazine "published specifically with the fossil enthusiast in mind"

Regional Clubs and Societies

[See our contact page if you'd like your group to be included. All are welcome, and there is no charge]

New Jersey Paleontological Society   

New York Paleontological Society  

Houston Gem and Mineral Society

Central Texas Paleontological Society

The Dorset Geologists' Association

Delaware Valley Paleontological Society

The Georgia Mineral Society  Established 1935

Prehistoric West Virginia  an association of fossil, mineral, rock and gem collectors and enthusiasts who share this common interest

KYANA Geological Society
Louisville, Kentucky

Fossil, Mineral, and Meteorite Show Sites

Minerapole   The official site for the famous Sainte-Marie aux Mines show in lovely Alsace, France. This fine site also has an extraordinary gallery of fossil and mineral photographs.


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