Each February, Tucson, Arizona hosts the largest rock, fossil, mineral and meteorite show in the world. For two weeks thousands of collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts converge upon the city, filling up hotel rooms, motel rooms, car parks, outdoor tents, and even the Convention Center with everything from diamonds to dinosaurs.

In 2003, Paleozoic.org attended the Tucson show for the sixth year running. We spent time catching up with good friends (mostly in the fields of paleontology and meteoritics) who were in town visiting from all over the globe; participated in parties and auctions; bought, traded, and bid upon natural history items and collectibles; enjoyed plenty of fine southern Arizona hospitality (not to mention the margaritas and vegetarian burritos); as well as a little winter sunshine.

What follows is Paleozoic.org's Tucson 2003 photo gallery:


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