Click on any image to enlarge      [above left] Clear road ahead. Getting to remote hunting locations sometimes required long journeys on unpaved routes   [top right] The NJPS West 2001 crew, from left to righ: Howie Cohn, Tom Caggiano, Andy Abdul, Steve Balliet, Fred Ackerman, and Geoff Notkin [kneeling]   [center right] Rainy forecourt at one of the many gas stations we visited during our 4,200 mile journey across the United States   [bottom right] The back of Tom's stalwart "fossil van" was loaded with almost anything the mobile paleontologist could wish for: an extensive array of tools, a sledgehammer, packing crates, burlap and plaster of Paris for jacketing large fossils, Butvar, coolers, reference books and . . . well, you name it! Up front, Steve Balliet carefully plotted our route with a dash-mounted GPS connected to a laptop and mapping software.
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