Click on any image to enlarge      [above left] Our first stop was the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, Kansas. Founded in 1914, the museum opened its new domed exhibit halls in 1999. One of the most impressive features is this massive Cretaceous mosasaur skeleton   [top right] Adjunct Curator, Mike Everhart — creator of the excellent Oceans of Kansas website — gave us a special behind-the-scenes tour, enabling us to see more of the museum's extensive collection, including these mosasaur vertebrae undergoing preparation    [center right] Children (and some adults, no doubt) will be thrilled by the Sternberg's walk-through Cretaceous diorama featuring these life-sized pteranadons   [bottom right] Close-up of a mosasaur skull, prepared by Sternberg himself.
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