Andy Abdul
NJPS archivist and raconteur
Fred Ackerman
Long distance driver and bon vivant
Steve Balliet
Navigator and spiritual advisor
Tom Caggione
Expedition leader and diplomat
Howie Cohn
NJPS President and satirist
Geoff Notkin
Photographer and comedian

[top left] Andy's bright red backpack made him clearly visible . . . even at the other end of the badlands, and his detailed trip notes mean we might actually be able to find our way back to some of these sites next year  [top center] Fred drove pretty much nonstop from New Jersey to Kansas, maintaining unshakable good humor despite the hailstorms, thousand mile hauls, and grumpy truck stop waitresses  [top right] Steve's GPS, laptop, visual mapping software, and sense of direction led us safely to the most remote locations  [bottom left] Tom planned almost every detail of our expedition, and kept us all on schedule — day after day — with relentless enthusiasm and efficiency. As I was "the new guy," he also gave me a crash course in how to hunt each locality we visited  [bottom center] Even though he'd left his favorite expedition hat at home, Howie collected more specimens than the rest of the team put together! Somehow, he also managed to always be the last man out of the field!  [bottom right] That's me with one of Tyrannosaurus Cope's toe bones, at the Black Hills Institute. My job — apart from bringing you this website — was to entertain my fellow team mates with impersonations of Chief Pierre Shale, oreodonts, and the colorful characters that we met along the way.

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